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⏱️💡 Unleash Your Productivity Power

This Productivity Power Up Strategy will provide quantifiable facts so that you can immediately make positive changes.

What to do:

Pick a "to-do" and take out your ⏱️ stopwatch and time how long one of your "to-do" really takes. Doing this creates awareness and provides quantifiable data to use to your advantage.


  1. You can use this specific time the next time you schedule to know how long the task will take. We often tend to guess how long an activity takes and then get mad/frustrated when we don't get as much done as we "think" we should.

  2. If you start and stop the timer when you go off task, you will realize how much time is spent procrastinating (anything that takes you away from your goal). Now, you can get curious as to why you are letting yourself get distracted.

By implementing this Productivity Power Up Strategy, you are taking a proactive step towards making impactful changes in your daily life. You gain valuable insights that can significantly boost your productivity by timing how long your tasks take versus "thinking" they only take x amount of time.

As you accurately measure the time spent on tasks, you are better equipped to plan your schedule effectively. This eliminates the common pitfall of overestimating or underestimating the time required for certain activities, leading to frustration and over-committing. Additionally, by tracking the time spent procrastinating or getting distracted, you can address these behaviours and refocus your energy toward your goals.

These simple yet powerful adjustments can immediately improve your productivity levels by 10x.

If you are interested in exploring other areas where small changes can make a big difference, book a complimentary time audit. This personalized session can provide further insights and strategies to help you optimize your time management skills and achieve your goals efficiently. 📅📈


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