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Gain 2 Hours a Day
With ENERGY Mapping

PLUS my proven formula to create peak productivity (even when you have nothing left in the tank)

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In this Free Ebook 
You Will...

  • Learn when your peak performance hours are... and they're likely not what you think!

  • Limit the people-pleasing and feeling guilty ... 

  • Use your energy levels to your advantage.. stop pushing yourself

  • Gain strategies to help you manage daily disruptions... including good ol' social media rabbit holes 

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Time is our most non-renewable resource.  Learning how to spend it wisely is the smartest thing you can do.

Jennifer Soenen

About Jen Soenen, & Energy Mapping

Jen is the founder of Soenen Strategies, where she's on a mission to empower people to redefine productivity by providing personalized strategies and resources to make the most of their time and energy. Through her coaching, teaching, informative content, and personal experiences, Jen has helped thousands of people worldwide ignite their time mastery with her fun and direct approach to time management, decision-making, and productivity. Since launching Soenen Strategies in 2021, she's been a guest on several podcasts (Badass Reset Club), hosted and co-hosted impactful workshops, and has been considered a top Coaching and Mentor voice by LinkedIn.

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Your End Result Could Look Like... 

  • Saying goodbye to being pulled in many directions... and hello to confident decision-making

  • Hello to strategies to execute on top priority tasks despite disruptions throughout the day

  • Gaining more energy and motivation as you apply The Energy Mapping Method

  • Acquiring a high-efficiency roadmap to gain hours of your life back and 10x your productivity

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