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Hey, I'm Jennifer

A Business & Time Productivity Coach

I understand my clients’s needs because I was my client.

Soenen Strategies CEO, Jennifer Soenen sitting in a chair with a welcoming smile.

About my background...

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in chaos, being pulled in multiple directions, overwhelmed by my limited mindset and beliefs that I thought were beyond my control in all areas of my life.


I was a people-pleaser, so the demands were endless. My self-talk was: “I can help you out(even though I have no time); I always have to be busy; I must prove myself so that people will like me; relaxing and resting is for the people who are weak.”

I just kept going, trying to fix everything.


Until one day, I woke up! I opened my eyes to a harsh reality and found myself in a place I couldn’t comprehend.  I had fought so long for approval from outside of me (people pleasing 101) and a life that I should have aspired to, that I didn’t recognize this life I created. I had a lot of ideas and dreams, but the distractions of life and uncertainty kept me from taking the necessary steps to turn them into reality.

A deep realization struck: I had been navigating a path scripted by external influences, not charting one that reflected my truest self

Time slipped because I justified that each day “wasn’t that bad, it’ll get better. Yet, what actually happened was a gradual erosion of my confidence. I became a stranger to myself, consumed by pleasing everyone else’s needs while neglecting my own, convinced that I wasn’t worth it. And I really believed that everything would work out if I were busy, but I had no direction.


I looked in the mirror and realized I didn’t recognize the person looking back. I couldn’t tell you what I liked or what I thought was fun anymore. I was too busy living life for others, thinking this would bring me fulfillment.  The result was frustration and confusion.

Hard work + willpower + determination got me where I was (successful teacher) then BUT they weren’t enough ANYMORE.


I ended up frustrated, resentful, and angry—not a good way to live. So I started to take full responsibility (the ability to BE responsible). This meant knowing and then showing up as the person I wanted to be. Realizing I can only make me happy + I’m in charge of me.


I began to pursue self-development; investing in myself increased my confidence and trust in myself.  Now, coupled with my teaching practice + I began my coaching business (finally, I’ve had the vision since I was in my 20’s).


Now, it is my mission to help as many high achievers as possible take charge of their lives, make decisive choices, manage their time, and work confidently towards their goals. I want to help them find the shortcut and avoid the pitfalls I made along the way so they don’t have to suffer like me. It all begins with fully mastering your time + controlling the controllable.

A badge indicating my Master Method coaching certificate.
Jennifer Soenen pointing at a watch with a surprised look on her face.

Why I'm the perfect coach to help you

  • I know you because I was you

  • I understand and have taught people to learn for over 20 years

  • I am direct and relatable -lots of “life”  experience here

  • I choose to do this business because it is my passion

Get To Know
Me A Little Better...


The excitement that you feel when doing something new


So many to choose from "Everything is Firguroutable" by Maria Forleo


Help 1000 females to be in charge of their time


Play golf with family and friends


Build with Leila Hormozi

Huberman Lab

Earn Your Happy


Knowledge X Action = Power

"Jen showed me how to make decisions with ease"

Deb, ON


Learn How to Maximize Your Time

If you catch yourself saying, "I don't have enough time," then you are in the right place.  Learn how to take full control of your time while increasing your bottom line.

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Ready To Start Uplevel Towards Time Freedom?

Don't wait; book a session now and 

I can help you get to where you want to be!

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