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The Energy Mapping

Because there's more to productivity

than just time management

The Energy Mapping

Beyond The Clock: Exploring True Productivity...

Feeling frustrated and catching yourself saying...

  • I wish I could be in two places at once

  • There doesn't seem to be enough time... EVER

  • I have way too much to do... and don't know where to begin

  • How am I going to get it all done?

  • I'm working hard.... but not getting the results

  • I feel like I'm spinning my wheels


If so... I have a solution for you!

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Energy Mapping Method

With a 1-to-1 energy mapping session, I'll show you...

  1. How to schedule using YOUR peak performance hours

  2. What to do in your off-peak hours

  3. How to strategically set your power list for the week!

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MAXIMZE much you get done in every area of your life


...two hours and control your schedule more


... your confidence + power in decision making


... the chaos of competing priorities/tasks

Energy Mapping Is For You If You're...

  • A go-getter who wants to take empowered action

  • A high achiever looking to level up

  • Seeking to optimize your energy for more effective decision-making 

  • A self-starter who wants to improve focus and concentration 

  • A knowledge seeker interested in understanding your energy patterns to optimize leadership

  • Results-oriented individuals who value structure

  • Motivated and want to accomplish something significant

  • Desire to end the feeling of chasing time

  • Want to stop people-pleasing 

  • Performance-driven and want a solution that works

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Time is our most non-renewable resource.  Learning how to spend it wisely is the smartest thing you can do.

Jennifer Soenen

About Jen Soenen, & Energy Mapping

Jen is the founder of Soenen Strategies, where she's on a mission to empower people to redefine productivity by providing personalized strategies and resources to make the most of their time and energy. Through her coaching, teaching, informative content, and personal experiences, Jen has helped thousands of people worldwide ignite their time mastery with her fun and direct approach to time management, decision-making, and productivity. Since launching Soenen Strategies in 2021, she's been a guest on several podcasts (Badass Reset Club, Inspired'HER) and hosted and co-hosted impactful workshops. She has been considered a top coaching and mentor voice on LinkedIn.

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